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And the story continues...

A few years later, the management company had grown and I obtained my real estate broker's license and we went through a re-branding and restructuring process to more effectively serve our management clients.

At our peak, we managed over 300 doors for over 65 owners. After almost a decade, my husband and partner, Greg, sadly passed away and I knew it was time to close the management company and the maintenance company, and I took some much needed time off. I made a lot of personal changes including moving across the country. That was an adventure! 

Fast forward and here I am, helping small business owners and property managers with their business operations and I LOVE what I do!

You've found HOPE!


Hope for Your Books is your sounding board, your lighthouse, your mentor. I've been where you are, I've made the mistakes and I learned, the hard way many times. You will work directly with me. I won't hand you off to someone. I clearly lay out what you can expect from me and, what I expect from you as well. Confidentiality is guaranteed. We will have the hard conversations and we will have the celebrations too! You've found HOPE.

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